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Product - Precast RCC Chimney

The Precast Eco Chimney comprises of Cylindrically shaped Precast RCC shells and a Support Steel Tower. The RCC shells are stacked one above the other to form the flue path whereas the steel tower provides the necessary support. The Precast RCC shells and steel tower are erected simultaneously and connected to each other at regular intervals. The size/diameter of the precast elements are determined based on a few parameters. The most common one being the volume and velocity of flue gases the chimney is designed to handle. The Precast concrete segment are manufactured using high performance concrete and are provided with a protective Lining capable of handling highly corrosive gases.

The support steel tower is an integral part of the Precast RCC Chimney. The Support Steel tower serves a dual purpose. It assist in the construction of the chimney and Controls the deflection of the chimney by taking care of the lateral loads caused by wind. When both these structures are combined together to for the chimney, the tensile strength of the Support Steel tower complements the compressive strength of the Precast RCC shells giving the structure an all-new dimension to engineering.

The steel tower is also used to mount accessories like caged ladder, spiral/dog legged Staircase, Inspection/rest platforms, Lightning arrestors, Aviation lamps, flue gas monitoring systems, fall arrestors and other accessories that are needed in a chimney. The support steel tower also makes the Precast RCC chimney a very safe structure.

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