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We are experts in the field of Manufacturing and installing Precast RCC Chimneys. We have been in the business since 2001 and have executed over 1400+ small, medium and large scale chimneys projects thought out the country and overseas.

The Precast RCC Chimney is fairly a new concept for many even today. The idea of Pre-casting the RCC chimney was unprecedented and unheard of until the early 2000’s. Our Managing Director Mr P.Periyaswami had a few factories that had MS chimneys. Given the durability issue in MS chimneys, He had to either repair or replace them every few years. It was a costly affair. His exploratory and innovative nature made him look out for a cost effective and durable solution. Eventually, he came out with an idea to Precast the RCC chimney in several segments, stack them one above the other and secure them in place using a support steel tower. In a few months he managed to make his idea a reality. He replace one of the MS chimneys in his factory with a Precast RCC chimneys. Thus the first Eco chimney was born.

His idea was received very well by friends and fellow Industrialists. He also happened to constructed similar chimneys for a few of them. Soon the need to construct cost effective, safe and durable chimneys became a necessity. In the year 2006, Eco Chimneys Pvt Ltd was incorporated and the precast RCC chimney was made available to all. Over the years, our outstanding work in the field has made the Precast RCC Chimney a preferable choice over other types of chimneys. With extensive research, determination to excel and substantial amount of work to back it, We aim to manufacture and supply world class chimneys every single day.

Welcome to the next generation of Chimneys.

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