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We have installed 1400+ Precast RCC Chimneys so far. Our Chimneys are operating in various Industries throughout the length and breadth of the country. Our team of service Engineers and supervisors are always on the move attending to new chimney orders of undertaking maintenance activities.
In a precast RCC chimney almost all maintenance activities can be swiftly done as the chimney comprises of a permeant support steel tower. The support steel tower is a permeant scaffold that allows inspection and maintenance activities to be carried out without the need to erect scaffolding or the need to rent expensive cranes.

The Precast RCC chimney is a versatile product where almost every part in the chimney can be replaced swiftly. We carry a minimum stock of items like Structural tower members, Precast RCC Shells, Electricals, Lining materials, and other necessary items that may be required during inspection and maintenance activity. The Precast Eco chimney is a fit and forget product that requires very minimal maintenance. We advise to carry out Periodical checks to enhance the life of the chimney and ensure a safe and secure working environment.