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Welcome to the next generation of Chimneys

We are experts in the field of Manufacturing and installing Precast RCC Chimneys. We have been in the business since 2001 and have executed over 1400+ small, medium and large scale chimneys projects thought out the country and overseas.


[icon icon=”fa fa-building-o” position=”icon-left” title=”A FULL SERVICE” url=”#”]We offer a full service from a to z, top quality products with spot on deadlines. Do try us and you will not be sorry.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-cube” position=”icon-left” title=”FINISHED PRODUCT” url=”#”]Our finished products go trough rigorous testing and are delivered on time with lifetime warranty.[/icon]

[icon icon=”fa fa-briefcase” position=”icon-left” title=”MAINTENANCE ” url=”#”]Maintenance of our products is critical for long lasting quality. Choose the right partner.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-truck” position=”icon-left” title=”DELIVERY ” url=”#”]Our own transport gives us control over your delivery. We take pride in our delivery times.[/icon]

[icon icon=”fa fa-industry” position=”icon-left” title=”THE FACTORY” url=”#”]Our factories uphold the top world standards, responsible towards environment and our employees.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-cog” position=”icon-left” title=”MANUFACTURING ” url=”#”]Top of the line machinery, highly educated employees and great working environment define us.[/icon]

Our Customers


We offer a complete pipeline solution. From water, gas, oil, manufacturing and delivery. We are able to offer service from consulting to final product professionally and on time.


Top of the line C&C services can give you highly precise output. High technology laser C&C cutters can produce virtually anything you imagine from almost any material.


Our professional staff can bring the power of our welders to your location. Contact us any time for consulting and we can offer a complete welding solution for your business.


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