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Time is an essence of any project. In almost all Project scenarios, utmost importance is given to activities like Construction, Erection and Installation as they demand more supervision and time. The Installation and commissioning phase of the project is crucial as it reflects the diligence and sincerity in which majority of activities prior to commissioning had been carried out.

The Precast RCC Chimney takes only 1/10th of the time a similar size Conventional RCC chimney takes for construction. The stage by stage erection process is a highly safe process. The need to erect scaffolding is completely avoided. The support steel tower substitutes the need to erect unsafe scaffoldings during the erection Process. The Installation and commissioning activity can be planned and executed to eliminate any risk or delay whatsoever.

Once the materials are delivered to the project site, A team prepare them for safe storage and installation on a later date. if there is a constraint in space, the Chimney can also be supplied and installed simultaneously.

The installation activity begins by assembling the Support Steel Tower in several sections at the ground level using a crane. The Precast RCC Shells are mobilised and placed at their location in their respective sequence of erection. A thorough inspection is carried out to check each and every member, connection and quality of RCC material before final lifting is done. A truck mounted telescopic crane of suitable capacity is used to erect the Support Steel tower and Precast RCC Shells. On average 15m-18m of Chimney can be erected in a single day.

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