Recent Projects

we can provide custom built industrial chimneys for all boiler & Natural draft applications. Presently over 900+ Eco Chimneys are under operation across the country.

ECPL has the distinction of having executed a large number of small, medium and large scale Industrial chimney projects for various industries ranging from brick manufacturing kilns to power generation plants. We undertake a large number of commercial chimney projects in various states throughout india and we are also looking for oppurtunities overseas. Our projects have been developed by understanding the dynimics of business units and their unique requirements. Thus our work appeal to value concious customers. With the innovated new technology, Industries discovered that they could save considerably in chimney costs. This understanding coupled with expertise, developed well over a decade helps us to offer a wide spectrum of chimney solutions. Today ECPL undoubtedly has the most number of PCC chimney installations in the country.

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