In 1992, a brick manufacturer in Erode, Tamilnadu, India faced problem with the efficiency of the chimney in his Kiln, the movable steel chimney. In an effort to improve the work condition and to find a permanent solution for his problem, Mr. Periyaswaami realized that the solution to his problem was a taller concrete chimney. In 1999, he replaced the steel chimney in his brick kiln with the concrete chimney, he designed.

Thus the first Eco Chimney was born. Later that year, his Kiln was certified by Regional and Central Pollution Control Board as Pollution Controlled and the design was accepted by other autonomous bodies as the most viable chimney solution for Brick Industries at that time. The design was then patented(by IPR) and with the support of Tamil Nadu pollution control board, Karnataka pollution control board(TNPCB, KPCB, CPCB, etc) and The Energy Research Institute(TERI) and was promoted to other industries that use mild steel sticks and Brick Chimneys. These advantages enabled Eco chimneys to secure a 70% market share in the Brick heartlands of Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

Today Eco Chimneys Pvt Ltd specializes, in Producing India’s only Factory Manufactured, Customized Precast Cement Concrete Chimneys.

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