At Eco Chinneys we seek continual improvement in our industrial chimney manufacturing process. We will continue to develop new methodologies to reduce CO2 emission from Industrial Chimneys & manufacture more efficient stakes.

Chimney being the most common aspect of any production process, improving its efficiency not only means increasing natural draft & avoiding deminishing returns, but making use of every bit of energy that it releases.

We strive to improve the efficiency of our eco friendly chimneys by studying the nature of emissions of various industries and developing pollution control measures that solve both Industrial & Environmental problems.

We also facilitate and encourage in the use of responsible structural design and uphold fundamental human rights and respect those rights when conducting our operations throughout the country.

ECPL is calling on manufactures of pollution control equipments for installations alongside our industrial chimneys. We are specifically looking for quality conscious industrial manufacturers. Interested manufactors can contact our administrative office.
Eco friendly industrial chimney for boiler applications

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