About Us

At Eco chimneys we specialise in customised chimney construction for almost all kinds of smoke and heat emitting industries. Eco Chimneys sustains a competitive position in the market due to its Unique and viable Design, patented under the Intellectual Property Rights, India. With extensive Research & Innovation, we have not only made new and useful themes available for the industries today, but our efforts also involve effective steps towards an Eco-Frinedly Environment. We are proud to inform you that Eco Chimneys is the only factory manufactured Precast Concrete Chimney developed to effectively overcome limitations in the Brick, Steel, & Slip Form Industrial Reinforced Concrete Chimneys.


We foresee ourselves as the pioneers in Industrial Chimney Construction & Technology in the country.


We strive in making Constant improvements in the Product & Design enabling construction of taller, more efficient Industrial chimneys for our clients.


Quality has always been our first priority. However, being a Precast chimney manufacturers, there are other important factors to consider. Keeping in mind, the permissible emission levels, we believe in providing our client with the most optimum Industrial chimney to facilitate both their industrial/ individual needs.
We believe that manpower is the biggest asset of every organisation and it is very important that we provide our employees scope to grow alongside the business. By doing so, we ensure our procedures of assessments, estimations; preliminary structural designs, fabrication and construction are meticulously carried out.

Our affiliates

MALLI GROUP is an amalgamation of expertise, resources, oppurtunities and engineering excellence. We are committed to improving the standards set by our customers by offering them with innovative products. At Malli's we believe that everything we do must stand out. Our products & services clearly reflects our motto

Malli's Group Business

1. Malli Hi-Tech Equipments
2. Malli Ceramics
3. Malli Gardens

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